Revealing Toilet Paper

Type of Game: Icebreaker - Revealing Toilet Paper

Equipment: Toilet Paper Roll

Formation: Group

# of Players: 10+

Description: Have the group form a circle. Take a roll of toilet paper and pass it around the room. Tell the players to take a quantity of toilet paper off the roll. They may take as much, or as little as they like(in full sheets only, please).

When everyone has their share, they are then told that they have to make one statement about themselves for every sheet they took from the roll. Great for young teens, because the "clown" in the group usually takes massive quantities.

To most of their dismay, they discover they must share information about themselves. One roll of toilet paper (or a box of tissues can be used) but toilet paper is more fun. No player may refuse because this will build camaraderie as well as help each other know a little about everyone.

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Revealing Toilet Paper

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