Oldest Coin

Type of Game: Icebreaker - Oldest Coin

Equipment: Prizes

Formation: Individual

# of Players: 5+

Description: This game is a kind of auction. Have a prize or something that most players may find appealing. As the prize is presented, the auctionier(whether you or someone else) Asks for coins of the least value and earliest issue.

Players will call out the value of their coins(if they have any) and the date issued. The auctionier will do the auctionier thing asking for more even if their aren't any.

Then the auctionier will end the bidding for this prize with "one, two… three!". The player that had the lowest value and earliest issue will receive the prize they bid for.

Auction all the prizes off this way until they are all gone. If you think the players might complain that they don't have any coins, then I suggest you go to the bank and get a roll of pennies.

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