Type of Game: College - Gridlock

Equipment: Masking-Tape

Formation: Individual

# of Players: 10+

Description: Lay out a box grid on the floor with tape. This game is like a life size version of chutes and ladders. Have the players roll a giant foam dice or take a spinner and spin it for them.

When players land on the appropriate chute/ladder squares, they will either go up or down the chute/ladder. Make sure and remind them that these ladders are at such an incline they can't go up if they tell you that they can run up slides.

Variation: Every time a player spins/rolls, have every square contain a different riddle/question, so that as they get closer to the goal the riddles/questions get harder and harder. Associate a punishment for each wrong answer, such as a pie in the face or so many spaces back.

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