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If you are looking for a Huge list of free party games. We have over 800 to pick from! You have come to the right place! We have free party games to fit every occasion

From kids birthday parties, baby shower games, Christmas party ideas, team building games, outdoor games, adult party games, Dinner party game, birthday party games, and anything in between.

For a definition of our main categories go to Party Games. But always remember…There are Party Games in every category that can be altered to fit any party! Even Dinner Party Game! I have had the most fun with games that I changed the rules for. An example of this is the Conference Call Game. This is one of my most favorite games. About a conference call gone really bad.

I like to mix things up a bit. And when I am having more fun-so are my guests. That’s a great rule to remember for any party. I’ll repeat it. When the host is having fun-so will the guests.

I love to party so I’ve also included some great helpful tips on each topic.

And don’t miss our party planning page! You will get ideas from experienced partier on what to do and what not to do. I’ve included some of my own foul ups to help you get a good laugh.

I seem to learn more from mistakes. I think most people do. So that’s why I’ve given more bad party examples than good ones.

Looking back-I probably had some bad parties because I didn't have a list of free party games at first.

But I have had some awesome parties.(Because of my free party games) Which is why we have this site to help you have the same fun that we do.

So use our list of free party games and have an amazing party!

Then, after you’ve had your amazing-or even not so amazing party-come back and tell all! Go to our contact us page and let us know what worked and what didn’t.

Plus, I am a full time mom with 3 kids and going to school. I have been working on this site for a few months but am still a little new at the web. I did not even know anything about Web hosting let alone how to build a site that works.

I am not calling this site done yet I am updating all the time-when I get a spare minute between laundry, diapers, and term papers. I will update and add new games almost everyday.

So be sure to add us to your Google, Yahoo, MSN or other XML RSS home page you will know where to come for your next party game.

Just click on the "add to my" buttons on the top left of this or any other page and it will tell you how to add us. Make your good party into a fantastic party by adding Party Games!

Games are great for any setting. Birthday Party Games work for all ages. They can help get a party started and move beyond just cake and ice cream.

Birthday games draw people in and keep the excitement going for hours. Making lasting memories and great friends.

For my friend's 30th Birthday we had all kinds of games.We played pass the potato and charades. It was great! No one was too old.

Bridal Shower Games can be a little ridiculous if not done correctly. People get sick of the same old game where the same person always wins. Mix it up a little. Have a FUN host and new games. You're friends will go home excited about your party!

So now you are probably saying... OK I need free party games but how do I get started?

Icebreaker Games are the best way I know to get people interested in the party from the beginning. These games are easy to form to any theme. You can pair people up or just get to know everyone. Games make your guests jump right in!

Adult Parties have less and less games! Don't let that happen to your party. You need excitement to switch your party from just talking about work or kids to a memorable event! Use the icebreaker games and these adult games. They will leave your guests wanting more.

Now kids need games more than just on their birthday. Our Kids Games will give you plenty of ideas to make those play dates and school parties. You can be the coolest parent by just doing games that we will supply for free! Help your kids see how cool you are.

College Parties can be thrilling without the things that cause parents to worry about sending their kids away to college. Party games will make your party fantastic! You can play games that pair up couples or make fools out of everyone. Use them a lot and with any theme. Trust me, if you can throw a great party, you will have more dates than any of your lonely friends.

Come back often to see the changes and read the forum for new and wonderful ideas.

New Games:
College Drinking Games

Tie 'em up

Secret Signs

I'm A Viking

Paper Bag Game

Free Party Games ROCK!!!

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